4 Best Facial Exercises For Reducing The Double Chin

Who doesn’t want perfect jawline? And it is very easy for shedding the extra fat from our face. After the age of 25, our skin tends to deteriorate no matter what we use. Doing facial exercise is the key to look younger and smart. If you hate face fat and that extra fat under your chin, here we have got it covered with some exercises. Yes, by doing these simple exercises you can actually reduce double chin. Adding to the same, facial exercises help to increase blood circulation and counteract wrinkles as well.

Do these exercises to get rid of double chin

1. The scoop

To do this all you need to do is, open your mouth and roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. As if you are scooping water with your lower jaw. Slowly move your head down in a scooping motion, and close your mouth while lifting your head. Repeat this exercise for 5-7 times.

2. Touch your nose

To do this exercise, you need to stick out your tongue as far as possible and try to reach your nose with the tip of your tongue. Repeat this exercise for 5 times.

3. The perfect oval face

If you want a younger look and pull up your cheeks, turn your head to the left, and pull your lower jaw forward, straining the muscles of your neck. Now slowly turn your head to the right and do the same movement for 5times on each side.

4. Smile

Stretch your teeth like you do while smiling and try to stretch the corners of your lips as wide as possible. Now push your tongue against your hard palate, gradually increasing the pressing force. Hold this position for 5 seconds and relax for 3 seconds. Repeat it 5-8 times.

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