4 Signs That Shows You Are Lacking In Protein

Protein is the key building block of life and while many know this fact, the price you pay for it actually not worth of the macronutrient in your diet is very high. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a hardcore non-vegetarian, there are lot if sources of protein that you can consume to keep protein deficiency at bay.

From animal products like meat and dairy, eggs, fish and seafood to plant-based proteins like whole grains, nuts, seeds, soy products and even some vegetables like spinach and peas, you have plenty of options. But when you fail to add enough protein in your regular diet, your risk of adverse health outcomes can be worse.

Signs that you are eating enough protein

1. Fatigue and weakness
Protein provides a lot of energy to your body and can fuel more physical activity. When you don’t get enough of the nutrient, then your health can be adversely effected. Not only you will feel weak and fatigued but will also feel more lethargic.

2. Loss of muscle mass
Dietary protein is a key nutrient that helps you to build your body muscle. When this dietary intake is lacking, your body starts breaking down skeletal muscle to fuel itself, which leads to loss of muscle mass and strength.

3. Low immunity
Even a little protein deficiency can cause your immunity to take a hit. Frequent infections are also a sign that you may be consuming low amounts of protein in your diet. Lack of protein in a diet can also slow down the healing of wounds.

4. Early ageing
The effect of low protein can start to show up on your skin, nails and hair too. Thinning of hair, brittle hair and nails, wrinkled or pigmented skin and hair loss are some common early signs of lack of protein in your diet.

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