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5 Minutes Morning routine to have a Stress free day.

The moment we wake up in the morning and what mood we are in the early morning determines the rest of the day. Checking your mobile as soon as you wake up, or staying in dark even after waking all such habits attracts negative vibes, laziness, fatigue, sadness, and stress throughout the day.

Just spend 5 minutes on your bed to do some basic stretches just after waking up.


 Since we are lying down for five to seven hours per night, our muscles are very tight and everything is stiff, the body is also low, the mind is also not yet alert.


Doing basic stretches on your bed has lots of benefits, it increases having perfect circulation to your entire body, it increases your energy level it removes all that stress and tension which you created by lack of sleep, overstudying, working, etc.

Stretching increases the flexibility of joints.

Spend few minutes on your bed to do some stretches and your brain is going to function better


  • Yashtikasana:

The first stretch is where you are lying down and stretching your whole body with your hands above your head.

  • Supta Vakrasana:

While lying down join both your legs and take both of your knees to the left side while keeping your upper body straight and look to your right.

  • Pavanmuktasana:

While lying down, lift both your legs and join your knees together to your chest, hug them towards to chest.

Now you are leaving your bed doesn’t take a cup of coffee or tea. You should drink a glass of warm water and start your day with positive visualization. Be happy and smile often.

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