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5 Mistakes to avoid while drinking water.

Our body is composed of 60% of water. But sometimes we all forget the basics of drinking water which happens to be essential for our overall well-being. If this composition is disturbed it might lead to serious diseases. So we should know how and when to drink water.

This blog is all about what usual mistakes you do while drinking water:

MISTAKE 1: Drinking during meals.

Drinking water during meals will dilute the digestive acids, which disturb the digestion process and leads to acid reflux, heartburn, etc.

It is good to drink water before 30 minutes and 90 minutes after your meal. This will help to keep the right concentrations of your enzymes and hydrochloric acid and help in good digestion.

MISTAKE 2: Drinking water without thirst.

Our body tells us that you are thirsty, but you drink water without thirst, there are so many theories that we should drink 5l per day or 3 liters per day, don’t rely on these theories every one of us’s bodies is different. Studies show that when you drink water when you are not thirsty your swallow reflex is low and it becomes three times difficult to gulp down the water where you force yourself giving stress to your body.

MISTAKE 3: Drinking chilled/cold water.

Normal water passes through the small intestine to the large intestine within twenty minutes, when you take hot water it passes through within 7-10 minutes. But when you take chilled/cold water, your body has to keep the water in the stomach wastes energy to bring a proper temperature to the water and process it for digestion which will take a longer time.

Drinking warm water improves your digestion process, keeps your blood circulation intact, and keeps your gut clean and healthy.

MISTAKE 4: Drinking water in standing position:

When you drink water while standing it passes down very quickly and our digestive tract doesn’t get much time to absorb the water so it doesn’t mix with the digestive juices much leading to a disturbed digestion process.

Drink water while sitting, your nerves, positions are all relaxed and the digestive tract will have enough to absorb the water.

MISTAKE 5: Gulping a large amount of water.

Instead of having sip by sip, drinking a large amount of water at the same time. Our saliva is alkaline in nature and it neutralizes the acids in our stomach, gulping large amounts of water, it doesn’t have enough time to mix with our saliva and so neutralization of acid is being affected leading to a disturbed digestion process.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes for healthy and proper digestion. Let us know how useful you found this blog to be in the comment section below.

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