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5 most common mistakes when using face oils.

       Recently there has been hype about using plant-based face oils. Are you still wondering why aren’t you getting any results? Or planning to try out a new face oil? This blog is just for you! Find out what’s the most common mistakes and avoid these common mistakes to get better results.

Mistake 1: Using oils on dry skin.

When you apply the facial oils to your dry skin, you might look shiny or greasy, but when you apply the oil on wet skin you are never going to experience a lack of absorption. 

Always put oils on wet skin.

Mistake 2: Using far too much oil.

 Face oils have more or less the same concentrations as your face creams, we put loads of face cream on our face, but that should not be the case for oils. Three to four drops is much more than enough.

Mistake 3: Using the wrong oils.

Well, if you say if have tried many oils, but it didn’t work and got a lot of breakouts and was shining all the time. It is because you put the wrong oil on your face.

Mistake 4: Not hydrating your skin before using the oils.

It is a common misconception that the oils are going to hydrate your skin, they don’t hydrate your skin, but they keep the moisture locked in your skin.

If you didn’t have any moisture in your skin to start with, then using facial oils will only have a few effects on your skin. So, what you can do is before applying oil you can use a humectant.

Mistake 5: Using rancid oils.

Rancid oils are spoiled oils that are exposed to sunlight or that are past the expiration date.

When the oils oxidize they will release chemicals which is very damaging to the skin.

Let us know what is your experience using facial oils in the comment section below was. We would love to know!

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