5 Reasons Why Must Be Experiencing Hair loss, Know More About It Here

You may put lot of effort to take care of your tresses and mane, only to find them falling away in clumps. While it is heartbreaking, it has become alarmingly common for adults in their late 20s and early 30s. As early as 16-18 years of age most of people start visiting dermatologists by the age of 25, for hair loss complaints.

Here we have shared reasons why you must be experiencing hair loss, give a thorough read to the post to know more. 

Hair Loss Reason 

Stress: Stress puts the hair follicle out of growth cycle, and causes premature hair loss. For this, you must engage yourself in calming activities like mediation, yoga, etc., which can release stress and prevents hair loss.

Smoking: Nicotine and other drugs can reduce the blood flow to the skin and hair, which leads to hair thinning.

Intake of supplements: Many supplements like protein, anabolic steroids taken for muscle building can lead to more testosterone activity and hair loss and thinning.

Hair treatments: Continuous hair bleaching, straightening and use of hair extensions can cause damage to the roots causing hairline recession.

Hormonal disturbances: Thyroid issues, PCOS problems, diabetes, obesity can all cause thinning, and if you are diagnosed, you must start your treatment soon.

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