5 Side Effect Of Fenugreek That You Must Know Before Having It

Fenugreek is highly valued for its qualities and multiple uses. Its seeds are often used to make ayurvedic medicines to treat various ailments like diabetes and hypertension. However, a high dose of fenugreek can have a certain side effect also such as coughing, allergic reactions, diarrhea, nasal congestion, bloating, gas, and urine odor.

If you are taking fenugreek, give this a genuine read to know the side effects of fenugreek.

Side effects of   fenugreek 

1. Upset stomach

Excess intake of fenugreek can cause loose motions in breast feeding mothers and babies. It is advised to consuming the fenugreek immediately as your new-born baby can easily get affected with anything that the mother suffers while he or she is being fed breast milk.

2. Allergies

Many of the people are certain compound allergic. This can trigger allergic reactions on consumption such as skin irritation and redness. Avoid the excessive intake of fenugreek.

3. It could be unsafe for children

According to nutritionists fenugreek tea may cause diarrhea in children. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the fenugreek seeds to toddlers and young kids.

4. When combined with other drugs

Fenugreek can decrease the blood sugar levels when combined or taken with diabetes medication and may cause dangerously low levels of sugar in the system.

5. Body and urine odor

It is said that excessive intake of fenugreek can make your sweat and urine smell pungent, just as eating asparagus changes the colour of your urine.

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