5 Steps To Get Closure After Your Painful Breakup

Are you depressed, lonely, angry, heartbroken, lost, lonely, hung up, or pining over your ex? Does one behaviour of your ex is actually affecting you and do you want to come out of that depression.

Are You Feeling Guilty Or Ashamed?

Do you feel guilty or ashamed for something you’ve to your ex in your past relationship?

What is a closure?

Closure is having expressed all of your thoughts and feelings about the connection and having received all of the answers to your questions – the communication is complete and you now have an enlightened perspective on the connection.

In other words, there’s no more to be said or discussed – all questions are answered and everyone’s thoughts and emotions are clearly communicated.

Closure doesn’t, though, imply that your ex will apologize for all of his/her actions, nor does it imply that he/she will invite your forgiveness. I will be able to elaborate on these points shortly.

Here are the 6 tips to closure for a breakup in your relationship

1. Self-Exploration

Begin by becoming clear about what you experienced within the relationship – how it impacted you on all levels. Write it out along side an inventory of everything you would like to mention to your ex. At this stage hold nothing back.

2. Self-Responsibility

Accept responsibility for the role you played within the relationship. Be honest with yourself – how did you contribute to the ultimate outcome or demise of the relationship? Did you push aside your ex? Did you sabotage the relationship? Did you refuse to be vulnerable or commit emotionally?

3. The One Thing

Review your list of self-exploration (what you experienced and what you would like to speak .) Now answer this question: what’s the one thing you were afraid to mention or communicate during the connection and/or following the breakup of the relationship? Now add that question to your list.

4. Tell Me Why

A critical component of closure has all of your questions answered. As revealed by other Breakup Test, 30% of male and 30% female respondents said they’re still “consumed by the drive to urge answers about ‘Why?’ Why is what still depressing them all.

5. Openness and Acceptance

Be open together with your communication; be hospitable taking note of the responses to your questions and to the items your ex wants or chooses to speak to you.

Be strong enough to simply accept the reality and your ex’s perspective – albeit you are doing not accept as true with it. Remember, we all see the planet through our own filters and our own programming. You and your ex may have wanted various things in life i.e. you both have different values, which will impact their perspective. Accordingly, be open and willing to simply accept their perspective.

During the discussion, there could be revelations, shocking revelations about yourself also as your partner. Be willing to be compassionate towards yourself for whatever mistakes you made. Be willing to find out from the mistakes.

Real closure will involve forgiveness – you would possibly not be able to do this immediately following the discussion together with your ex. Simply remind yourself that forgiveness is your goal. roll in the hay for yourself.

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