Are You Craving For Momos, Make Paneer Tandoori Momos At Home Without Oven

Paneer Tandoori: Amid coronavirus lockdown, while we are afraid to go out and give our taste buds a bit change. All we can do is to give an experiment at home. If you have a slight desi taste, you can try making these tandoori momos at home. Here we have shared the recipe of tasty Tandoori momos by Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. These tandoori momos can be made at home even without an oven.

All you need is: 

For filling

1 – Small whole cabbage, grated

1 cup – Mashed Paneer

1 inch – Ginger, grated

4-5 – Spring onion, chopped

3-4 – Green chillies

1tbsp – Tandoori masala

Salt to taste

For dough

1 cup – All purpose flour

Salt to taste

1/2 tsp – Vinegar

Water as required

1/2 tsp – Oil

For marination

1 cup – Thick curd

1/4 cup – Fresh cream

Salt to taste

1 tbsp – Tandoori masala

1 tsp – Red chilli powder

1 tbsp – Mustard oil

1 tbsp – Roasted gram flour (besan)

1 tbsp – Ginger-garlic paste

For frying

1 tbsp – Butter

1 – Capsicum, diced

1/2 – Lime juice


For filling

*Take a bowl and grate some cabbage in it, add salt and mix. Let it rest for a while.

* Now squeeze out the water from the cabbage.

*In a bowl, add paneer, ginger, spring onion and grated chillies, and add the cabbage to it and mix well.

For dough

* Take a bowl and add flour, salt, vinegar and water as required. Prepare the dough.

* Roll the dough and take a small piece out of it and make a roti.


Add all the marination ingredients in a bowl and beat it well and keep it aside.

For momo

* Add the filling in the roti and fold it from all sides in the shape of momo.

* Fry the momos in the pan till it turns golden brown.

* Put the fried momos in the marination bowl and marinate it with a mixture.

*Smoke the momos in a coconut husk and cover it.

For frying

*Fry it with the capsicum and toss.

* Now add the momos and mix it well.

*Serve it with a momo chatni.

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