Beauty Hacks Of Turmeric And Some Interesting Facts About The Ingredient

We all know that how highly-effective is home ingredient turmeric can be, when it comes to health n beauty issues. Not only it adds colour to the food, but can also take care of your beauty woes. For example, Turmeric can be beneficial for teeth whitening and many DIY scrubs and pastes that you can easily make at home using turmeric as a primary agent. While the ingredient suits almost all skin types, it is highly efficiently on sensitive skin. Here we have shared some interesting beauty hacks of the magical ingredient turmeric.

Beauty hacks of Turmeric

Most of the people use foundation during their everyday makeup routine, if they will not use it than it becomes difficult to find the shade that is closest to their natural skin colour. This problem can be fixed by using turmeric. Just add some foundation to the turmeric and mix it well. Apply the paste on the back of your hand to check the shade. Now use it on your face to get a natural golden glow.

As we have already mentioned, turmeric works great on acne-prone and sensitive skin. You can use this magical ingredient to remove the scars from the face and also to soothe the acnes. All you need is half tsp of turmeric powder and mix it with half tsp of aloevera gel. Apply the mixture on the acne area for instant relief.

And while, monsoons almost over and winters are around the corner, our lips tends to get dry. You can take care of your chapped lips by using turmeric.

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