Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil On Your Face Overnight

Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil: Coconut oil apart from being a nutritious fruit, has some benefits also. The raw coconuts flakes is a popular oil used in south Indian cooking. During the coronavirus lockdown, we all are confined in our houses and have no access to salons and spas, natural. home remedies are always available to help us better.

Coconut oil contains nourishing fatty acids that help in hydrating and protecting our skin. It contains linoleic acid, vitamin F, which helps the skin to retain moisture, and lauric acid has antibacterial properties. Applying coconut oil overnight is just like any night serum, you can alternatively use coconut oil on your face and see a remarkable difference.

Here are some benefits: 

* If your skin is very dry, flaky, you are advised to use coconut oil instead of your regular moisturizer may soften and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking refreshed and soft upon waking. Coconut oil will hydrate your skin for a longer time and keep it soft.

* Coconut oil helps in bolstering your skin’s protective barrier, trapping moisture inside.

* Coconut oil reduces skin irritation and inflammation.

* It also increases the production of collagen, which helps in maintaining firmness and elasticity.

*Coconut oil also lightens up the patches and scars.

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