So since we’re all about making our lives extremely easy. The keyword being hacks, today we’ve got some more cleaning and kitchen hacks to make your life easy and quick.

So whether you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or you can’t tell a microwave from a toaster these are going to prove to be extremely useful

Wrap Bananas with cling wrap time for longer this prevents them from becoming override and unappetizing.

Second substitute butter with avocado to cut 40% of the fat in the finished baked product.

Put your ice cream box into a plastic bag when you store it in the freezer so it isn’t frozen solid and is easier to scoop out when you remove it.

If you need room temperature butter and forgot to take it out of the fridge you can grate the butter so it becomes easily incorporated into the preparation.

Heating a knife before cutting a cake will ensure that you get super clean cuts, completely mess-free!

If you don’t have a silicone mat you can soak a towel into water and put it under your chopping board to hold it in place while chopping.

To ensure that you get all the juice out of the lemon using a fork to effectively squeeze it all out.

Use unflavored dental floss to seamlessly slice through a soft pastry cake to achieve a perfectly clean cut piece while preparing a layered cake.

If you don’t have baking parchment just grease the tin with butter and dust it with some flour to get the non-stick parchment paper effect.

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