No matter what is the reason we can’t drink our tea hot or cold. It’s a tasty way of getting enough fluids in your body, but as you know Tea is capable of doing much more than that. Tea has many beneficial compounds, but most important are catechin and tannins, these are polyphenolic biomolecules that have tremendous health benefits ranging from weight loss to cancer protection. If you are an avid tea drinker you must be having a heap of used teabags, or most likely you are just throwing them in the trash.  Here are some unique ways you can use tea bags for your benefit:

Due to many reasons you can develop puffiness under your eyes, this is a sign of eye strain and can be easily cured by using a teabag.

Just keep chilled tea bags over your closed eyes and let them be there for five to 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can also keep a warm tea bag over your closed eyes to secure pink eyes.

 Just chill your teabag in the freezer and keep it over your canker sore. the cold compress will soothe the pain and the polyphenols present in the tea will promote healing of your canker sore.

Put some used teabag in your bathtub and let it steep. Stay in this bathtub for sometimes and you will feel the cool and calm effect of Tea working on your sunburn.

Many times we can get nicks and cuts in the kitchen while chopping vegetables. Kids may also get minor cuts while playing no need to panic though, just dip a tea bag in warm water and press it on the cut until bleeding stops.

Kids like to play outside and when they play they get minor bruising. Next time you see one just don’t worry, place a chilled tea bag over the bruise for 10 to 15 minutes. The cold temperature and tannins have a synergistic effect in constructing the capillaries which cause the bruising.

You can fertilize your house plants with used tea bags open up the used teabags and spread tea leaves into the soil in their pots it will slightly lower the pH level and also provide your plants with some nutrition and minerals.

Put your used tea bags in boiling water and make tea, now using a spray bottle, spray this Tea on your carpet, it will kill all your dust mites. If you do it regularly it will make it difficult for dust mites to come back. Just make sure to test it at the corner before spraying all over.

It’s very easy! After every cooking session, just wipe off the cookware with a damp used teabag. Make sure it’s a black tea, tannins present in the tea make an anti-rust layer over your cast iron cookware and protect it from rusting.

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