Do You Know When Is The Best Time To Have Cheat Meals? Here’s All You Need To About The Cheat Diet

After following one’s fitness routine, it is natural to crave for and/or indulge in something we love from the core or it is better known as a cheat meal or cheat diet. In simple words, a cheat meal or a calorie-dense food is something more than your favourite food, which you cannot have as a part of your regular diet. For cheat meals, people usually prefer to snack on their favourite foods during the weekends, and especially at night. But, have you ever wondered that is there any specific time to enjoy cheat meals so as to keep your taste buds happy and also not disturb the fitness routine?

Here’s what expert says on cheat meals.

According to experts and nutritionist, the best time to have a cheat meal is in the morning. Wondering why? This time is known as the power of chronobiology. Your body burns twice much more at 8 am versus 8 pm. So, this is what brings your breakfast debate to a full circle. It is always good to eat your breakfast than skip it especially if you are on time-restricted eating. So as, what you eat matters, when you eat also matters.

The idea of cheat meal or cheat day is to practice portion control which is the key to managing your daily calorie intake.

Why our cheat meals good in moderation?

Cheat meals are termed as a mental break in one’s diet which helps the body to regulate hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Which further helps to jumpstart the metabolism and encourages the body to keep burning calories.

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