What is Good For Weight Loss, Rice Or Roti?

Rice and roti are the two main staples of the Indian diet. A meal without rice or roti feels incomplete as we have a habit of consuming both since we were children.

But when it comes to weight loss, we are often advised to avoid eating rice or chapati or both in order to lose weight. The reality is far more different than this, both have pros and cons. But if given an option, which would be a better option for those trying weight loss. Give a read below.

If we talk about carbs, then roti and rice both have almost the same amount of carbs and calories. The thing which varies is nutritional value. While, Rotis are rich in protein and fiber as compared to rice, which helps in keeping you fuller all day long. And due to the starch content in rice, rice gets eats digested and thus you feel hungry soon.

Considering the nutritional value, chapati is more nutritious than rice. Every 120 grams of wheat contains 90 mg of sodium. Whereas, rice do not sodium content. So, for people who are trying to avoid sodium can go for rice.

The fiber and protein content in rice is lower than roti. Rotis are rich in fiber and protein which makes you filled a day longer.

Chapati has calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorous, fiber and protein. While rice has no calcium and lower levels of potassium and phosphorous in it. Chapatis take more time to get the digest, it also helps in improving the blood sugar level on check.

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