Enjoy This Easy To Make Crispy Vegan Dosa For Your Breakfast

For many of us, South Indian cuisine is inseparable from comfort food. Regardless of whether it is quite hot vadas and sambar or fresh dosas and super-delicate idlis, we can never deny them. So why not start the day with a most loved formula, yet as we generally like it — with a twist! Today, we have a unique formula for vegan dosa which requires some effectively accessible fixings. Remember to bookmark the formula, it will consistently satisfy those south Indian food desires.

Here’s how you can make vegan dosa. 

Ingredients you need to make vegan dosa

3 cups – White rice

1 tsp – Olive oil/per dosa

½ cup – Split chana dal

¾ cup – Split moong dal

4 tsp – Methi seeds (fenugreek seeds)

Steps to make vegan dosa

*In a glass bowl, add white rice, split chana, moong dal, and mix them all together. Once it is mixed, rinse it several times to get rid of any dirt.

*Add enough water to soak the mix, and let it sit for 5 hours.

*Now, transfer only the rice and chana mix to a blender. Add the water to blend it into a thick running paste. Once blended, transfer it to a bowl and keep it in the fridge. Make sure you use this batter within 3 days. But every time you take it out, add about ¼ glass of water to make it slightly thin.

*Now place a non-stick pan on a low-medium flame and once its heated, spritz some cold water on the pan and instantly clean it dry with a cloth.

*Cold water on the pan allows the surface to cool down. Now pour the batter and spread it out in a circular motion. Add few drops of olive oil and let it cook until slightly golden. Cook on both sides. Your crispy vegan dosa is ready to hunt!


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