Four Facts And Myths About Contraceptive Pills You Must Know

India lacks in sex education, that is why there is little reproductive health awareness and many misconceptions about sex and its consequences. According to gynecologist and obsterician, unfounded concerns or false perceptions deter men and women from using a particular contraceptive pills, if at all. Which can lead to unwanted pregnancies and physical and mental harm to woman.

Use of contraceptive pills

Biggest advantage of contraceptive pills is that they are effective and have a low failure rate when used correctly. Other benefits of contraceptive pills include regular menstrual cycles and lighter flow. One pill a day can seem tedious and lead to missed pills, which add to the failure rate.

Contraceptive pills myths and facts

1. Contraceptive pills cause weight gain: First generation contraceptive pills caused some temporary weight gain related to fluid retention in the body. Newer formulation does not cause weight gain, indeed they help with weight loss in patient who are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

2. Contraceptive pills cause acne and abnormal hair growth: Formulation of contraceptive pills with different progesterone components, reduce testosterone concentration and reduces the acne in patients of PCOS.

3. It is all right to miss a pill or two in the cycle: Missing the pills can lead to an unexpected pregnancy. Moreover, it can cause spotting or mid-cycle bleeding. It is advisable to always consult a gynecologist if one or more pills have been missed, to learn about what all precautions need to be taken.

4. Contraceptive pills affect fertility: It is not evident that contraceptive pills affect fertility in women. The pills only prevent ovulation and pregnancies.

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