Healthy Reasons Why You Should Add Pumpkin Seeds To Your Diet

It is very important to take care of our health and amid coronavirus pandemic, it becomes our utmost priority to take extra care. And it is never too late to get into our health points, one can always switch to healthier alternatives and nothing can be as good as pumpkin seeds which are loaded with healthy benefits. Green coloured seeds are packed with the goodness of health, and they are also a great snacking option to keep mid-day hunger pangs away.

Give a read below to know why you should add pumpkin seeds to your diet for good health.

Enriched with Omega-3

Pumpkins seeds are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Our body can’t produce it on its own, so the one is advised to consume foods that help in meeting the body’s requirement. And pumpkin seeds can alone fill that requirement. The seeds are also known to improve heart health and reduce inflammation and obesity.

Helps in providing an adequate dose of fiber

The seeds are also a great source of dietary fiber. 100 gms of pumpkin seeds can give about 18 grams of dietary fiber.

Rich in antioxidants

The seeds are antioxidants rich which helps in removing unwanted waste substances known as free radicals.

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