Here Are Four Exercises That You Can Do At Home With A Pair Of Socks

Amid coronavirus pandemic lockdown, you are not able to exercise with proper gym equipment. But not having gym equipment at home does not mean you cannot work out.

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently took to her Instagram to show us some exercises that we can do anywhere to boost our immunity and beat the stay-at-home blues with just a pair of socks. So put on your socks now and try these exercises:

Low reverse lunges

All you need to do is, get into the squat position and do a reverse lunge by sliding your right leg behind yourself and bring it back to the original position. Repeat this exercise for about 15-20 times.

Seated abductors

To ace this exercise, you need to sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Keep your hands on your sides in a glute position. Apply pressure on your hands and lift your glutes off the floor, keeping your hands straight. Slide and open one leg and bring it back, repeat the same with the other leg and bring them back. Repeat this exercise for 15-20 times.

Curtsy lunge to back kick

Just stand with your feet hip-width apart. Get your one leg diagonally behind the other to do a lunge and come back. Now flex your hips and slowly lift the leg back straight and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat the steps with the right leg.

Mountain climbers

Get into the plank position with your legs straight. Your body should be in a straight line from the head to heels and hands below your shoulders. Slowly bring one leg close to your chest and then switch sides like you would run on the floor, for about 30 seconds.

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