Here’s How You Can Take Care Of The Split Ends

Taking care of your hair is not that difficult a task, if you know what it is exactly your hair goals. Most of the people ho through phases of hair roughness and dryness that causes hairfall. These things happen when you don’t pay enough attention to your hair and split ends.

Split ends actually happen when the hair does not receive enough moisture. It happens when the cuticles begins to wear off. There could be a variety of reasons for this. It might happen when you untangle your hair knots aggressively when the hair is wet. Also, excessive use of heating tools for hair styling causes split ends. Not washing the hair regularly, or not conditioning it enough can also damage the cuticles and results in splitting of hair.

Why you need to trim your hair to avoid split ends.

If you want longer hair, you need to trim it from time to time. Beautician say that the longer you put of trimming your hair, the more each hair strand splits. Also, split ends have a lighter colour, and are visibly different, making your hair look uneven. In the long run of time, the hair loses its shine and becomes brittle, thereby it breaks and loses volume.

Other things you can try to avoid split ends.

Besides trimming, you can also regularly massage your hair with the oil, so that the tresses are safe and the scalp is nourished. If you have brittle hair, you must reduce the use of heat styling tools such as curler and straighteners.

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