How to cure ulcer? Home Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcer

Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcer: A mouth ulcer is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the mouth. There are multiple causes of mouth ulcers. The most common cause is an injury in the mouth, such as accidentally biting inside your cheek. Other causes include such as aphthous ulceration, certain medications, skin rashes in the mouth, viral, bacterial and fungal infections, chemicals, some systemic medical diseases and, rarely, malignancy.

You just need to have a look into the kitchen to find home remedies for mouth ulcers. Here are some super ingredients:

Apple cider vinegar

Here’s a most effective home remedy for mouth ulcers, but goodness of apple cidar vinegar whose acidity can kill ulcer causing bacteria. All you need to do is, Mix one tbsp of the vinegar in half a cup of warm water. Now, swish this in your mouth for a couple of minutes and then rinse your mouth with regular water. Do this twice a day till the ulcer get cured.


Cloves can be a simple home remedy for mouth ulcers. They are known to kill off bacteria inside the mouth and it also helps in reducing stomach ulcers.


Honey has anti-bacterial properties and it can be a good natural emollient. So, when you have mouth ulcers, just take a cotton ball and apply honey on the ulcers with the help of the cotton.

Poppy seeds

Raw poppy seeds are good for asthma and cough. It is also considered a decent home remedy for mouth ulcers, poppy can reduce the body heat and give you some relief from the sores.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is beneficial for mouth ulcers. When you have a mouth ulcer just take some naturally extracted aloe vera juice and apply on the ulcer. Aloe vera will calm down the ulcer pain.

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