How To Increase Stamina Naturally

We all love to be energetic. We have our favourite athletes and sportsmen whose energy we can’t help but marvel at. We get tired merely by climbing two floors and for them, even twenty would be a cake walk.

Whenever one mentions the word ‘stamina’, what comes to our mind is physical strength. We do not associate the word to mental exertion. However, mental stamina is as important as your physical stamina. The mental aspect of enduring exertion is referred to as endurance. Endurance and stamina are two sides of the same coin and cannot go without each other.

Now, you often wonder how to increase stamina by natural means? There are steroids and supplements available but they aren’t the way a lot of people prefer going about increasing stamina. The best part is that you need not go that way at all. There are natural means which are a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications that can increase your stamina the natural way. Here we are listing the top 20 ways to do so.

‌Remember to take things slow

Increasing stamina is not a process that can happen on spur of moment. You have to be patient and take things slow. If you are planning to increase it with exercise and have learned new exercises, don’t push your body to do 20 sets at once. Take your time and let your body adapt to it at its own sweet pace.

‌Eat healthy

For many, stamina is simply about being physically active. That’s not true. This is because in order to work out and perform exercises effectively, your body needs its fuel, that is, nutrition. Go for low-fat, high protein and more raw foods.

‌Make sure to include carbs

Never skip on carbs. They are essential for muscle building. Also, they increase starch and sugar in your body, boosting your stamina and endurance in turn. So, it is good to have grains, pastas, brown breads and cereals.

‌Start with things you love

Are you a dance person or a yoga person? Well, pick what you love. Be it Zumba, aerobics, badminton, tennis, cricket, or gyming, if you love what you do, you will not need any other motivation to get at it.

‌Be regular with your work out

Experts say that to maintain a minimal level of fitness, you must work out for at least 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week. You have to be determined as stamina building will take time and you don’t have to lose patience till you are there.

‌Limit your ‘rest’ time

Though resting is essential and is called the repair time for your body, start decreasing it gradually. If, let’s say, you take rest for two minutes after three sets of an exercise, reduce the duration to one minute, 30 seconds. Then after a few weeks, reduce it to a minute and so on.

‌However, take proper rest

Limiting your rest time in between sets doesn’t mean that you don’t have to rest your body. You should never strain your body beyond the limit it can go to. If you think you can’t take as much stress, it is better to halt. Also, always make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping enough is the most essential step towards a healthier living but often people disregard it. If you want to build stamina, you should never do that.

‌Eat multiple times a day

Try to have a five-meal policy with smaller portions rather than a three-meal policy with bigger portions. This will improve your body’s metabolism as there will be a continuous supply of energy. Also, if you eat big portions, your body is likely to get sluggish post that.

‌Eat protein

Protein is essential for the health of the muscles. Make sure you never skip on good sources of protein such as eggs, dairy products, chicken and pulses.

‌Eat good fat

Though you should limit your fat intake but do have good fat. You must know the difference between good fat and bad fat. Good fat comes from healthier sources such as fish oil, flax seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, chia seeds and avocados.

‌Know your sodium intake

When you follow a regular fitness regime, your body loses a lot of sodium in the form of sweat. So, it is important that you don’t let the levels drop too much by maintaining an optimal intake of salt intake. This is because low sodium levels can lead to a situation called electrolyte imbalance. This can make you dizzy and light-headed.

‌Never skip on breakfast

You must understand the importance of breakfast in your diet. It is the most essential meal of the day. You should have a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the morning.

‌Walk after your meals

Walk slowly after you eat and try to maintain a gap of 20 minutes between eating and walking. This helps your body digest the food that you have eaten and helps it stay free of toxins. This is an essential part of building stamina.

‌Maintain a gap of two to three hours between dinner and sleep

You should never sleep after eating as it leads to accumulation of fat in your body. Make it a thumb rule to always maintain a gap of at least two hours between your dinner and sleep. This will boost your metabolism and enhance digestion.

‌Always warm up

Remember to stretch your body every time you work out or exercise. If your body isn’t heated enough, you can end up hurting yourself.

‌Sip hot water

Do it first thing in the morning and do it several times a day. Sipping hot water is also very effective in boosting your metabolism and improves your digestion, in turn improving your stamina and endurance.

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