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Kitchen Life hacks that actually work!

Egg and dairy products need a little extra care while working in the kitchen, so we are here to tell you about some simple and easy hacks to make your kitchen life better.

  • Milk Mania:

Milk spilling over when boiling? Place a wooden spoon on top of the vessel to avoid messy spills. The resistance from the spoon can prevent the milk from spilling over.

If your milk gets stuck to the pan often, then moistening the base will prevent sticking.

  • Type of milk:

Know your milk, there are different types of milk available; Raw, Homogenized, Pasteurized, Skimmed.

Raw milk: completely untreated, comes straight from the animal. It has the highest fat content.

Pasteurized milk: basically boiled milk, most commonly available in bags or packets.

Homogenized and pasteurized: No boiling required, Fat is evenly distributed.

Skimmed milk: The fat content is lower or completely removed.

  • Cottage cheese/paneer:

Dip the paneer into the water before adding it to the gravy to make it softer and juicier.

  • Hard Butter:

To quickly use a hard butter, you can use a grater which will make is easier to spread over something like bread.

Now another way to use hard butter is that you can heat up a knife which will go through it easily, aiding the spread and evenly.

  • Mastering the eggs:

If you get a piece of eggshell in your egg it is difficult to remove with the spoon, scoop the eggshell easily with another broken eggshell.

Eggshell is repelled by metal but is attracted to other eggshell materials.

  • Soft scramble:

When cooking scrambled eggs, add a spoon of milk or cream for smoother and fluffier eggs.

  • Peel easy:

When making hard-boiled eggs after boiling them, let them chill in an ice bath for 10 minutes, then slowly roll them on the counter, this slowly loosens the eggshell around them for easy peeling.

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