Make This Banana Ice Cream With Just One Ingredient; Recipe INSIDE

Banana Ice Cream: As we all know how beneficial bananas are for our health. And the good thing about this fruit is that it can be enjoyed in many ways. You can use banana in the form of a shake, fruit salad, or as it is. But it tastes divine as ice cream! Being rich in vitamin B6, bananas boost the body’s metabolism. They have a vitamin C component which is extremely essential to build immunity. And maintaining immunity is our top priority nowadays. Check out this easy recipe of banana ice-cream that just requires one ingredient.

Here’s how you can make it: 

*All you need is 3-4 fresh bananas, slice them and transfer it into an airtight packet, and freeze it 2-3 hours.

*Once they’re done, transfer the pieces into a blender and blend to get a thick and creamy paste.

*Transfer it into a bowl and garnish it with ingredients of your choice.

*Make sure to make this ice cream in small batches. After making it you can also consume it for about 2 days.

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