Missing Out On Pasta? Here’s A Quick And Healthy Recipe Of Alfredo Pasta

Missing out on pasta? Here is an erotic Romanian dish ….. Introduced by Alfredo di Lelio, originally known as Fettuccine Alfredo, introduced in early to mid century to the mid-20th century. This holy healthy recipe gives you no guilt but a dose of yuminnn health. Try making with following steps.


Hummus (as per your serving)

Pasta (as per your serving)


Chilli flakes and oregano (for garnishing)

Olives (optional)

5-6 – garlic cloves

4-5 tbsp – Lemon juice

4 tbsp – Olive oil


*Take a cup of penne and pour it in a thick pan filled with water, add a teaspoon salt in it. Boil it and stir it meanwhile, until it is cooked 80 percent. Make sure it does not get chewy.

*Sieve the water, and keep a cup of pasta water, to be added in the dish later.

*Time to make the sauce; we will be adding hummus, instead of cheese. You can make hummus by just a cup of chickpeas boiled in water for an hour.

*Boiled chickpeas to be grinded along with garlic and olive oil, to get a thick paste. Add lemon juice and regrind the paste. And you have the hummus ready to use.

*Add boiled pasta and hummus in a flat pan. Hummus contains protein and fiber being super healthy.

*You can add olives, as to add taste as well. Add a cup of water excluded from the pasta. Boil for 10 min. At last, add red chili flakes and oregano. You can add green herbs as per your creativity. And you have your tasty healthy pasta on your plate. Don’t forget to share the food with loved ones…As sharing is

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