Practice These Yoga Steps In Winter To Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

Yoga is not only a healthy practice, but it is immensely enjoyable, too. In the winter season, as the climate changes it is mandatory to continue doing yoga, so the body can fight against all seasonal illnesses and other health problems. According to yoga specialists the winter season is a powerful time when our body’s natural strength and stamina are the highest. And not only that, the digestive fire is also balanced and powerful. Which allows the body to assimilate nutrition and stay warm throughout the season.

Since practicing yoga is a natural for the body to crave a change with the seasons, here we have shared simple tips that can help balance your winter yoga practice.


* Start with joint rotations (Sukshma Vyayama): Winters are when vata and kapha dosha tend to disturb our daily life easily. Even the both can cause stiffness and lethargy. Also the cold weather requires us to warm up sufficiently before starting yoga exercises. The colder it is, the more important it becomes to practise joint rotations. All you need to do is, move your toes and gradually make your way up to the ankle, knee, hip, fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and neck — in that order.

* Focus more on holding postures: Early winter is when vata dosha is stronger. Vata, like the wind, tends to disperse energy, which needs to be reeled back in. As it is also the time for festivals, so it becomes even more important to focus on grounding yoga practices like Hatha yoga that prioritises holding postures for a longer duration. Too much movement, such as running or excessive walking, can overcome vata. Sun salutation can also be done to focus on holding postures.

* Include flow-based Vinyasa yoga in late winters: Late winters are the time when kapha starts accumulating. Kapha gets vitiated right after winters in the spring season. It is the time when your yoga practice can focus on melting kapha. Which includes heating yoga postures like Plank Pose, Head Stand, Boat Pose, Warrior Poses, etc. You must practice moderately-paced Vinyasa yoga and sun salutations regularly.

* Challenge yourself: It is the true fact that the human body is the strongest in the winter season. This is when you can work on challenging yourself a little more and let your practice be more vigorous. As always, practise moderation; by overdoing, we can reduce our immunity. But by pushing ourselves just the right amount, we can enhance our strength too.

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