Quarantine Fitness Tips For Newbie Moms, How To Deal With Postpartum Blues

Quarantine Fitness: Getting back into the shape post your delivery might not be the first option that comes to your mind. The pregnancy changes are visible for about six weeks of delivering a baby. Till then, the uterus shrinks back to almost its original size. The hormones are clear from the body and blood circulation backs to normal.

If a woman who has undergone a cesarean delivery, then it takes about two weeks to completely heal its wounds. There are activities like bending down while changing the baby’s nappies, taking up the baby and while breastfeeding can strain the back and it may cause long-standing back pain which is a bit harmful to newbie moms. However, there also are some exercises by which you can get rid of the pain and back into the shape. Gentle stretches, walks and strolls are some the physical exercise which keeps the body supple and maintains the tone of the muscles.

Some tips of newbie moms fitness are: 

Hydration: Drinking water and keep your body hydrated plays a very important role in the immediate postpartum period. Quality hydration maintains circulation, avoids blood clots forming the veins, improves breast milk production and it avoids constipation and therefore piles issues in some.

Walking: Another physical exercise that can work wonder is walking, it is an easy and a good way to ease back pain and get back into shape. Brisk walks help prepare you for more intense exercises later.

Swimming: While hydration and walking are the best physical workout, swimming is also a good idea post-delivery. You can switch to swimming after about four to six weeks of delivery, once the bleeding has stopped and the wounds have healed completely.

Stretching abs: During your pregnancy time your tummy must have stretched, to accommodate the baby will not shrink back getting flat belly immediately after delivery but the abdominal muscles or abs exercises will help you to tone and strengthen them.

Apart from all these, you can also do some core strengthening exercises like leg raises, pelvic bridge, crunches and heel touching, etc.

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