Quick, Easy And Natural Ways To Give Your Hair A Detox

Just like our body, our hair also needs a break and a good detox from time to time. When our hair is exposed to pollution, dirt, sunlight and dust, it looses its natural shine and beauty. And to get rid of dandruff, roughness and the grime we rely on chemical products that end up worsening its quality.

That is why our mothers and grandmothers always insisted us to use homemade natural remedies for hair care. And if you are also one who is looking forward to giving your hair a new lease of life, here we have shared some simple DIY detoxes that you can try at home.

Give a try to this natural detox for hair.

Honey shampoo

Honey shampoo is something that you can easily make at home, and its a great way to detox your hair. For this, all you need is one tablespoon of raw honey, three tablespoons of filtered water, and a little bit of essential oil of your choice.

Add honey to the water and mix it well. Then wet your hair and scalp, apply the mixture and add the essential oil, too. Massage it well and concentrate more on the scalp. Once you are done, rinse off your hair with cold and lukewarm water.

Honey is believed to be a great ingredient for hair, skin and overall health. As it can keep the moisture locked i your tresses.

Cucumber  Lemon Detox 

Another homemade detox you can do is with cucumbers and lemons. Take a large lemon and a medium sized cucumber, along with essential oil of your choice. Peel them and cut them into small pieces. Add the essential oils to the mixture. Now apply it on your scalp and rinse off after a few minutes. This homemade cucumber and lemon detox will help you get rid of the scalp dirt, stickiness and greasiness. It also promises to promote healthy hair growth, and remove dandruff.

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