Read This Before Applying Any DIY Hair Care Regimes, It Might Ruin Your Scalp And Hair

Lockdown has influenced a lot to people, right from cut their own hair to make DIY hair masks, oil and much more. But before you apply those DIYs on your hair, you must read this to understand some common mistakes that you could be making. As some DIY hair care tips can go horribly wrong and can damage your scalp and hair.

DIY hair care tips:

Must do a patch test: As the very first and important rule to go by when you are trying something new or having any DIY hair care tips, for your skin and hair, must do a patch test. This stays always intact for any kind of natural ingredients that you might want to use.

Dilute the strong ingredients: Tea tree oil, essential oils and apple cider vinegar are very popular among components for a good hair. But you need to dilute them properly, if not diluted, it leads to burns, irritation and hair fall too. So make sure to dilute the strong ingredients before applying it on to the hair.

Hair type friendly ingredients: When you are some natural ingredient for your hair care, you need to be thorough with your hair type and the kind of ingredients that works best for your hair. Sometimes it might turn out that the ingredients you are using for your DIY hair masks don’t even work for most hair types. Si, understand the type of your hair and apply the ingredients according to that.

Good Massage: You must get a scalp massage once or twice a week. This increases your blood circulation and results in strong and healthy hair. But if you are too aggressive with your massage, it will result in hair fall.

These small and easy DIY hair care tips might help you rescuing your hair from getting damaged.

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