Signs And Symtoms Of Lung Cancer That You Must Know

Lung cancer begins as a small growth in the lungs and increases over time and becomes dangerous form of cancer. You must know that the risk factors for the same can include environmental smoke, cigarette smoke and also passive smoking.

While lung cancers are fatal and diagnosis remains dismal, you can always stay a step ahead by identifying its early signs and start your treatment as per advised by your specialist.

Here we have shared the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

Lung cancer symptoms mainly include significant include significant weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, fever and night sweats.

Lung issues
If you are a frequent smoker, and observing recurrent cough or pneumonia which is not responding to any antibiotics, then you must consult to your doctor immediately. May be it could be a sign of probable underlying malignancy. A person with the disease may notice traces of blood in his cough.

Hoarse voice is a common symptom of lung cancer. It usually happens when the tumor starts poking the nerve which supplies your voice box.

Difficulty swallowing
It is also termed as dysphagia, it is a simple esophageal issue, but could also be lung malignancy. In this, tumor start abutting your food pipe and causes discomfort in swallowing food.

Other signs
Growing lumps in the body, bone pain, body aches and generalised weakness are a signs that your body is affected with cancer.

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