Skincare Benefits Of Watermelon Rind That You Must Not Be Knowing; DEETs Inside

We have already talked about how, instead of throwing away watermelon rind, you can use it in many other ways. Yes, you can surely make a delectable smoothie, or a dessert, and pickle as well. And as the fruit is savoured for its edible and its skincare properties, the rind is known for many benefits of its own too. So if next time you ever think of throwing it away, just read this article before doing that, on how you can freeze them into little cubes, and pamper your skin. Here is something you must know.

Method to use watermelon rind 

* Let’s start with, carving the fruit out neatly and store it away.

*Further cut the rind into pieces, and put it into the blender to make a paste out of it.

* Then pour the paste into an ice tray and keep it in the freezer for a while.

* Take one out, and massage gently on the skin, and the neck area. Use it every day.

Yes, the process is very simple. But, why ice cubes, you must be asking? Ice cubes, in general, are great for your skin. This can help with keeping your face fresh and rejuvenated, and also give you relief from acne, pimple pain, redness and skin irritations. Ice cubes also keep your face to feel young all the time. They can help with early aging and wrinkles.

We have shared tips on how you can use potato juice and mint leaves in the form of ice cube for skincare, this time you can try the watermelon rind. One cube a day will be enough to give you a natural glow. In fact, you can use all three — potato juice, mint leaves and watermelon rind — in your skincare routine, in the form of an ice cube.

It is known that the rind of the watermelon can make your skin soft and glowing, by locking insufficient moisture. It also acts as a natural toner. Apart from that if you have oily skin, you are and more prone to acne breakouts. The rind of the watermelon, in ice cube, can eliminate the oil from the surface of the skin, and clean the pores as well. This way, your face can become much clearer if applied regularly.

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