Stay stress free during lockdown, Here are the tips to stay stress-free

It is the fourth phase of lockdown, and amid this we all are confined to our homes, working for longer hours and meeting the targets on a daily basis. While many are calling it the ‘new normal’, others are looking for ways to accept the strangeness of the situation and make-do with the resources available to them in this period of crisis.‌

During this it is important to understand that after working for such long hours, there eventually comes a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Here we have shared few tips to stay stress and balanced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Acceptance: Try to accept the things, as denying only delays the process of adjustment. As you start accepting the reality of the loss and start to ask yourself questions, you are unknowingly beginning the healing process. Denial delays our progress.

Share your thoughts and stay connected: To follow the self-isolation more easily and calmly you are advised to share your things with your people. It’s important to talk rather than keeping your thoughts treasured or locked up in the box.

Stay active, and follow a schedule: To the very most important factor to stay stress free is stay active, you do not sleep too much. Sleeping in the day disrupts routine and you can become irritating. Irregular sleeping makes the mind vulnerable, and following a fixed schedule helps you in bringing a sense of normalcy.

Meditate: Make a schedule and plan your routine and take out time for some meditation, yoga, Zumba, or any other such physical activity. It could even be brisk-walking in your house. You can either involve yourself in painting, drawing and sketching.

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