These Simple Chair-Exercises Can Give You Instant Relief From Neck And Upper Back Pain

Sitting for long hours in front of the screens of the laptop can really affect your neck and back stiff with a lot of pain. To avoid this, or to get rid of this it is very crucial to stretch your body to relieve you from pain.

Here we have shared three simple stretches that can be done on a chair to reduce neck and upper back pain.

Here’s how chair exercises can help you:

Stretch 1

*Start by sitting on a chair, now lift your arms in front and keep your hands straight. Squeeze your shoulder backward and push them away from your ears.

* Now slowly lift your arms up while keeping your shoulders squeezed.

* Keep lifting your arms till they come parallel to your head.

* With your fingers interlocked and palms facing upwards, push your arms back behind your ears. Do not thrust your head forward. Hold the position for five seconds.

Stretch 2

*Sit sideways on a chair, and place both your hands on either side of the backrest. Remember your feet should be placed at hip-width distance.

* Lift your chest and shoulder and roll your shoulders backward and squeeze the blades.

* Now start moving your lower abdomen towards the backrest. Make sure the back remains straight while you do it.

Stretch 3

* This one is a bit different all you need to do is get up from the chair and stand at a little distance from it facing its seat.

* Bend your body to place both palms on either end of the seat of the chair.

* Lift your fingers up and move backward so that your hips are raised and your hands are straight.

* Look in between your arms towards the chair and hold this position for five seconds.

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