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Things to NEVER do after a workout.

After a workout, your muscles are left broken down due to microscopic tears and your glycogen stores are left depleted leaving you more tired or hungry than you felt before your workout. All of these are completely normal as long as you do the right things just after your workout to recover and take your body one step closer to your goals of burning fat or building muscle.

However there are some common mistakes that we tend to do at the end of our workouts that will affect us from reaching our goal, be it fat burning or building muscles, we all need to pay off our time at the gym. So read till the end to avoid these mistakes.


  • You can’t eat any sources of fat:

The first mistake is that you can’t eat any sources of fat like eggs, avocado, or streak after your workout, it’s based on the fact that fats can slow the digestion of your meal.

Fats don’t really help spike your insulin levels in the way that carbs do, they can’t be used to repair your muscles the way that protein can.

  • Rewarding yourself for your workout with food:

If you’re trying to stay lean while building muscle or if you’re trying to burn fat the food you eat will play a bigger impact than the workout you perform.

  • Never skip out on stretching after your workout:

Even though it is not very wise to perform static stretches before your workout it is very important to make you stretch out after your workout especially if your workouts revolve around lifting weights.

For example, You are building your chest muscles to get stronger, as they get stronger they will get tighter, so if you don’t stretch out after the workout, over time you will get a rounded shoulder posture.

So always make it a habit to stretch after your workout to help you ensure you can maintain maximum flexibility and mobility as you get older.

  • Alcohol:

It’s not only bad to have alcohol before your workout but also after your workouts, when you work out you increase the blood flow to some muscles, the blood flow will stay elevated for some time after your workout.

After your workout, your body is expecting to get some micronutrients, proteins, carbs, and fats to start repairing your broken down muscles, but if you drink alcohol it will directly go to the bloodstream that needs good nutrients for repair which will only lead to further muscle breakdown.

  • Waiting too long to provide your body the nutrients:

Another common mistake is that waiting too long to eat after your workout because as you know our body will need good nutrients for muscle repair. More specifically to eat protein to replenish those amino acids.

In most cases, it is best to eat a post-workout meal or shake at least within one or two hours after your workout.

  • Not getting enough sleep:

Sleep is as important as having a good protein meal after your workout, if you don’t get enough sleep you’ll struggle to build muscle. Your muscles grow while you rest and recover not while you hit the gym.

The bottom line is to do your best to get at least around six to seven hours of sleep per night regularly.

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