Tips For The Patients suffering from Hernia

Suffering from Hernia: When weakness occurs in an abdominal wall, the content of the abdomen gets defected, this is called a hernia. It affects both males and females at any age but it is very common in men. Hernia can be felt under the skin as a lump. Usually, a hernia presents as a gradual increase and swelling which is painless. Most of the time, the swelling disappears on lying down and appears or increases while you’re standing. The swelling is usually noted in the groin as it is the most common site of a hernia. A hernia can occur in any part of the abdomen.

Sometimes, the pain increases when swelling increases in size. Doctors say, Hernia may aggravate and the blood flow to the hernial contents is affected leading to a Strangulated Hernia. Then comes a surgical emergency and delay in seeking surgery may have serious implications for the patients.

When the condition occurs, pain in hernia is not decreasing on lying down or severe pain with an increase in the size of hernia are some warning symptoms that the patient should now take doctors to consult.

Tips for hernia patient awaiting surgery 

* Relax, as most of the hernia is uncomplicated.

*Avoid lifting heavy weights.

* Avoid constipation by adding fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay hydrated all time.

Warning symptoms of a hernia

* Pain or discomfort.

* Increase in hernial swelling with the increasing pain or discomfort.

* Increase in the swelling with constipation.

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