Try Making This Homemade Yoghurt Smoothie To Satiate Your Sweet Tooth Craving

Sweet cravings can lead anyone to binge on sweet and desserts but sometimes it is not advisable. But always enjoying dessert is not advisable. If you are a curd lover, then we have something very interesting for you that you can hunt on. You can make this easy one-pot yoghurt at home. It will not only satiate your dessert craving but also keep your gut healthy.

Yoghurt is a high protein, which is also rich in calcium and makes it a great snack for whenever you are craving for sugar. It will help you feel fuller and is a healthy option as the natural sweetness in it is an excellent way to reduce sugar cravings.

Yoghurt is also good source of probiotics which helps in improving the health. Here we have shared how you can make yoghurt smoothie to satiate your sweet craving.

Ingredients you need make yoghurt smoothie

75 ml – Milk
½ tsp – Plain yogurt

Method to make yoghurt smoothie

*Take the milk in a shaker and shake it well. Heat it untill its lukewarm.
*Pour it into a sterilised instant pot and cover it with the lid.
*Heat it for few minutes at 180 degree temperature.
*Open the lid and add half a teaspoon of plain yogurt into it and stir with a sterilised spoon.
*Let the yoghurt rest for 24 hours in a warm place.

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