Try This Delicious Easy To Cook Hummus Recipe That You Can With Your Choice Of Bread

Popular middle eastern dish, hummus is essentially a dip or spread made of cooked and grounded chickpeas (garbanzo beans). A rich source of protein, it is also enriched with phosphorous, magnesium and fiber, making it the perfect health package and taste as well. So let’s whip up some hummus and enjoy it with your favourite chips, bread or just as you like. It is a great option for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.


1 cup – Chickpeas

4-5 – Cloves of garlic

Salt, to taste

8 tbsp – Olive oil

3 tbsp – Lemon juice

4 tbsp – Sesame seeds


*Rinse chickpeas and boil them for 10 minutes. To soften them, and it helps enhance the texture of the hummus. Transfer it into a bowl.

*Meanwhile, finely ground the sesame seeds along with olive oil. And your tahini sauce is ready! (You can skip this step because hummus can be made without tahini sauce too.)

*Then grind the boiled chickpeas along with garlic and lemon juice and olive oil (at least 5-6 tbsp) into a smooth paste.

*Once done, we will transfer it to a bowl and garnish with lemon juice and sprinkle some red paprika powder.

*Enjoy the dip with your toasted or pita bread.

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