Try This Mint Ice Cubes To Treat Acne And Skin Irritation

One of the sensational skincare fads that have drawn people interested in the ice cube massage. As it is known that ice cubes are great for the skin health, and a massage every day can surely cure many problems, including that of wrinkles, adding the common essential home ingredients with the ice cube can be the best thing you can do for your skin.

We have previously shared how potato juice can be frozen and used as skin remedies. We now bring you mint and basil leaves frozen into ice cubes, to give your face a much needed to deal with the nasty summer heat. Mint leaves are usually known to keep the body cool in summers and is also considered to be skincare essential. In fact, it can also take care of your acne and other skin irritations. So, when it comes to the frozen form of cubes, the benefits will be aplenty. Along with basil leaves, mint also gives your skin a fresh lease of life. Here is something you need to know.

It’s a pretty simple process. Just take 10 mint leaves, and 10 basil plant leaves and some rose water. Wash the leaves thoroughly. Then take a cup of water and then soak them in it. After some time, take the leaves out and crush the leaves to make a paste. Next, boil the leaves and then let the concoction cool down. Then add some rose water, which also acts as a toner. Freeze it in the shape of cubes.

Take one cube out every day, for as long as they last, for your face massage. As for sensitive skin, you can even put the cube in a clean cloth and then dab it on the face. Do not rub. Once you are done, wash your face with water, and repeat it every day.

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