Want To Have Bouncy Hair Naturally? Try This Egg Oil To Have A Voluminous Hair

All kind of natural treatment works better on the hair in the long run. Where artificial products or salon services are expensive and chemical loaded, one can blindly rely on home ingredients for glowing, shiner and voluminous hair. Here we have one such wonder ingredient that can do magic to your hair – egg oil.

Yes, as the week ends and a new one begins, you must try something uniquely different for your hair, which benefits your hair greatly. Egg oil — which works like any other natural oil — promises to tackle your many hair problems.

Here’s how you can make egg oil at home.

Let us tell you, that the oil can be purchased from the markets too, but if you are interested in making it at home, here goes the recipe.

– Take three eggs, three cups of water, and one teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl.

–Now, bring the eggs to boil and then place them in cool or icy water for about two minutes.

– Take the shells out and then remove the egg whites to get through to the hardened yolks.

– Place them on a plate over the stove and grind them thoroughly.

– To this, add the olive oil and continue stirring the yolks for at least five good minutes until it becomes a fine dark brown paste.

–Pour this paste through a strainer to extract oil from it. Wait till it cools down in a room temperature and then refrigerate it for few hours before applying.

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