Want To Have Healthier Nails Naturally? Try These Easy DIY Home Hacks

No matter how much you try, some people are not able to take proper care of their nails. The surface of their nails always looked chipped, and appears to be perpetually brittle. If you are looking for some effective home remedies to take care of your nails, so your search must end here. As we have come up with the ways to make your nails appear naturally beautiful. You must try these easy DIY hacks.

Here’s how you can take care of your nails:

Using a garlic pod

Garlic is greatly known effective for the overall health of a person. But when it comes to nail care, you can undoubtedly use garlic for them. Just peel a garlic and rub the juicy garlic on your nails. It is also known as natural nail strengthener and hardener, and can especially benefit those who have brittle nails. Do this for atleast about a minute every day.

Oil massage

Just like your hair, your nails too needs the goodness of oil. Moisturise your nails time to time. You can also make seperate essential beauty oil for it, just add few drops of vitamin E on your cuticles and see the magic.

Just like your hair, your nails need the goodness of oils, too. You need to moisturise your nails from time to time. So, you can make a concoction of some essential beauty oils, along with some Vitamin E, for your cuticles. Add a few drops of each oil in an empty nail polish bottle, and then using its brush, apply a few strokes every day for two weeks.

Try these easy hacks to make your cuticles look more cute.

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