Why Is Your Baby Losing Hair And How Can You Control It

In the first six months after birth, a toddler will lose what’s referred to as birth hair. this is often the hair that a baby is born with, and this hair is supposed to fall off. Small amounts of hair fall post this era is additionally considered normal. a bit like adults, hair loss to a little extent is to be expected in children.

If the hair fall is excessive and not associated with the baby’s birth hair, it’d be an explanation for concern. this might require medical assistance, but before getting to consult your doctor, it’s best to gauge the possible causes of hair loss in your baby.

What Are the main Causes?

Some of the main causes of hair loss in children are:

Alopecia areata: one among the explanations for hair fall might be alopecia. This condition causes the system to attack the hair follicles everywhere the body. It can cause smooth bald patches throughout the scalp and is understood to impact the speed of hair growth.

The function of the thyroid hormone: Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism can cause excessive hair loss.

Underactivity of the pituitary: If your baby’s pituitary gland is under-active, he may have a condition called hypopituitarism which may cause extreme hair loss.

Trichotillomania: it’s a condition observed in slightly older babies where they compulsively pull their hair out. this might be a reason for hair fall.

Physical damage: Tying your baby’s hair too tightly or other sorts of physical damage to their hair could lead to irreversible hair loss.

Infection: A variant of the ringworm infection called tinea is very contagious and may cause hair loss, flaky, and itchy scalp and redness on the scalp.

Hair problems: Lice infestations and therefore the presence of dandruff can cause hair to fall.

Most parents think neonate hair fall might be a symbol of something more serious. If limited to small amounts, hair loss is predicted at any age. ask your doctor to urge an insight into your baby’s hair loss.

What to do If Your Baby’s Hair Is Falling

There are numerous ways to combat hair fall, a number of which are:

Using medicated baby shampoos to fight infections.

Consult a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment

It is a standard practice in some cultures around the world to shave off the baby’s birth hair. it’s believed that shaving off your baby’s birth hair will help avoid any bald patches. However, there’s no scientific evidence to prove the validity of this practice.

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