Workout And Exercises You Can Try At Home To Keep Yourself Fit While Gyms Are Not Accessible

With the Covid-19 pandemic spread all over the world, we are forced to stay within the boundaries of our homes. This may take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing in the long run. Moreover, research also shows that leading a taking for granted lifestyle for an extended period leaves a negative impact on our overall health.

Therefore, staying physically active is way more needed at present. Daily fitness, in general, reduces the risk of day-to-day life problems, such as obesity, PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, stress, anxiety, blood pressure etc. Moreover, it also lowers cholesterol level, blood pressure, and avoids the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Daily fitness contributes to the effective working of our immune system as well. It removes the bacteria from the airways and lungs, increases body temperature and improves the circulation of white blood cells too. As a result, the body’s immunity to fight infections increases. Further, routine physical activity helps in maintaining bone and muscle mass density.

Many people are either regular gym visitors or like to go for a walk and run in a local park. However, with the lockdown, remaining active and healthy is coming across as a challenge for all. But, at the same time, there are many ways of making the most out of the present situation. There are plenty of stay at home fitness routine workouts and exercises that one can follow with very little or no equipment required.

* With the help of an exercise bike or a treadmill, one can easily maintain cardiovascular health. But even if that is not available, one can indulge in an activity that increases the heart rate.

* Climbing up and down the stairs or brisk walking around the house for example, are some effective ways of ensuring physical fitness. Moreover, a skipping rope can also work as an excellent tool. It helps in reducing obesity and PCOS, the latter being a growing health issue among women. The internet is also loathed with tons of fitness, yoga, and pilates videos that one can choose to learn from, without gym equipment.

* Resistance workouts are also easy to perform, and they help in strengthening the muscles and developing endurance and mobility. Confinement causes obesity, and therefore, these exercises avoid such risks. These workouts are mainly performed using weights and resistance bands, however, there are other optional remedies available too. Push-ups against a wall, squats, and lunges are some of the potential alternatives.

* Zumba also helps significantly in maintaining the overall fitness of the body and eliminates the risk of having regular lifestyle problems. They are easy on joints and use resistance to work out the whole body.

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