World AIDS Day 2020: Top Myths About The Virus And Its Transmission

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, here are top myths associated with HIV/AIDS. The very first, it is very important to understand HIV virus can lead to AIDS, which is also known as advanced stage HIV. But all people with HIV infection don’t necessarily progress to stage 3. With the help of treatment and guidance of an infectious diseases physician, many people with HIV live for years without developing AIDS.

Here are some myths about AIDS 

1. One can contract HIV by sharing cutlery and bedding: And due to which people with HIV/AIDS are kept at hand’s length even by their loved ones, making it even more important for this myth to be debunked.

2. HIV/AIDS does not spread by sharing items with the infected person. Same goes for shared work spaces, workout areas and common use areas such as bathrooms, toilets and the kitchen.

3. Only those who do drugs get HIV/AIDS: This is not true; the transmission is not restricted to those who reuse needles and syringes for drug consumption.

4. Only those who indulge in same-sex intercourse get HIV: While it is true that men having sex with other men have a higher risk of acquiring HIV, those indulging in sex with the opposite sex without wearing a condom, are at a high risk of HIV AIDS. This is especially true for people who have unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

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