World No Tobacco Day 2020: Step By Step Guide To Quit Tobacco Easily

World Tobacco Day is observed on 31 May every year. The day is celebrated to create awareness about tobacco and its negative impact on humans life. Since years, tobacco has affected people’s lung health and overall well-being. For ages, people have been using tobacco in our country in different forms.

Some use it for smoking – cigarette, beedi, chillum, hookah, cigars and chutta. While others use it as smokeless tobacco in the form of a pan, gutka, khaini, pan masala, mishri, mawa and too0thpaste with tobacco. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India contributes 12% of the total population of world smokers. We all seen and read that tobacco kills and tobacco causes cancer, which is an incurable disease.

Most families in India earn their livelihood by making and promoting tobacco products like beedis and are assisted by their children in its production. Where children end up getting addicted to tobacco use in some of the other forms.

Tobacco is alone the cause of nearly 90% of oral and lung cancers, there are also many more diseases caused by using tobacco, which includes stroke, bronchitis, asthma, impotence, birth defects, etc.

On the occasion of world tobacco day, we are here to give you a proper guide on how you can easily quit tobacco.

For quitting tobacco, you need to START:

S – Set a date and quit completely; as you will reduce tobacco consumption, you would just bounce back. Take a diary and note why you want to quit and keep tobacco with you.

T – Tell family and close friends to help you in quitting tobacco by giving you some strength and support.

A – Anticipate and plan for difficult times. Make a record of when, how and why you need to quit tobacco.

R – Remove all tobacco products from your stock.

T – Talk to your doctor to get you professional help for counseling and nicotine cravings.

It is difficult to get rid of tobacco addiction, but not impossible.

So, START now and live a tobacco free life. Happy World Tobacco Day!

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