World Sleep Day 2020: Reason Why Sleep Is Important

World Sleep Day is celebrated on the second Friday of March every year. It is organised by the World Sleep Society. The main motive of the day is to spread awareness about all aspects of sleep problems.

As we know that not getting enough sleep can increase the chances of chronic diseases, obesity and overall mortality risk. But still many of us fail to get as much sleep as we need.

Reasons why sleep is important for you

1. Not sleeping well for even one day can put you in sleep debt

According to research, if you don’t get good quality sleep for even one day can put you at sleep debt. No amount of sleeping during the day can suffice for quality sleep at night. Being in sleep debt can make you feel tired, fatigued and irritable all day.

2. Sleeping well is important to perform well

Know that on days you are unable to get good sleep, you fail to feel fresh and energetic the next day and this directly reflects on your work performance.

3. Sleep is essential for healing and rejuvenation

Researchers says that the a lot of healing and recovery takes place when you’re sleeping. You overburden your body by skipping sleep or not sleeping well. Sleep gives some resting time to your brain so that it is able to function effectively the next day. Similarly, it lays down your memory, facilitates rejuvenation of cells and also helps in preparing your body mental and physical work the next day. Without these functions, your body will fail to perform effectively and it may also put you at risk of diseases.

4. Not sleeping well may lead to unnecessary weight gain

Every time that you don’t get good sleep, your body will look for energy sources the next day. It automatically increases your cravings and makes you hog on sugary, junk and comfort food and sugar-loaded energy drinks. Together, this may contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

5. Inadequate sleep can lead to sleep disorders and stress

Inadequate sleep can lead to poor health outcomes. It can lead to weight gain and other mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression. Serious sleep disorders could also be linked to hypertension, irregular heartbeat, weak immunity, and increase in stress hormone levels.

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